Group Work

  • ASAM Level 1; DUI Treatment (6-17 weeks)
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment for People with Co-Occurring Disorders: Group sessions to address recovery, relapse prevention, social support, and coping skills.
  • Supplemental Family Education: Processing & educational groups for families who have individuals participating in treatment for co-occurring disorders.
  • For Women Only: Supplemental groups exclusively for women participating in the intensive outpatient treatment program to address the specific needs of women with co-occurring disorder, such as relationships, trauma, body image and family roles.
  • Anger Management for substance abuse and mental health clients: Teaching anger management techniques in a group setting to clients with substance abuse problems or mental illness. Using cognitive behavioral therapy to address the anger cycle, conflict resolution, assertiveness skills, and anger-control plans.
  • Parenting Education: Group training in child development, family communication, disciplinary styles, self-care for parents, and overall support with opportunities for parents to share their experiences with others.
  • Outpatient Treatment: Clients are admitted into the Outpatient Treatment program when IOP has been completed or designated for lower level of care. There is a continuation of the original goals but relapse prevention is the primary focus, clients are exploring options for support and ongoing care.